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tv   Government Access Programming  SFGTV  April 14, 2019 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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renew gateway high school's charter and support a san francisco school that is truly part of our community, supporting teachers to thrive and grow and helping a diverse group of students realize their potential. thank you. [applause] >> hello, dr. matthews and sfsud staff. my name is carry march and i'm a second generation product of the schools. i was an sfusd teacher for nine years. some of you have seen me at this podium before. i spent eight of them as a special educator health educator at i.s.a. before that school was closed. last year i was a district special educator working at gateway. in my time in the district, i was an active member of my ubc and served for a year as isa's union building rep. i was part of the creation of
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sfusdi lab and worked on a lot of initiatives. it was my first year at gateway. i will admit, i came to gateway with a lot of doubts about working at a charter school. would i be asked to work unreasonable hours? spoiler alert, all teachers work too much. but no, i don't work more. i've seen exemplary restorative practices and inclusive practices at gateway. gateway prioritizes the work of anti racist teaching, culturally responsive pet a goji and for all students. the same work i was leading at my sfusd school. gateway is an integrated school. not just by ability or neurological type but race, ethnicity and socioeconomic status something that as educators we hope to see but is
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sadly hard to achieve. as a ninth grade teacher, i teach socially motional learning, wellness and help towards our ninth graders. and i continue to be included in the district's health which i attend support just like a district teacher. the district is doing amazing work and we are too and i hope we can continue to learn from and support our colleagues across the city as we have for 20 years. thank you. [applause] >> good evening, everybody. i'm so happy to be here. this is the second time i'm up here. i was here 10 years ago when i was a sophomore in high school, maybe junior, i can't really remember. i joined the gateway community in 2006 when i was just 14-years-old. today i'm 27 and i teach at gateway high school. [applause]
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every time i get asked, why gateway? >> can you tell us your name. >> sandra. every time i get asked why gateway, why did you return to gateway? it's so simple. to me gateway is community. i would not have returned had i not built community the way that i did when i was in high school. i feel like i have a really unique position now as a teacher and as an alumna to help my students realize their potential and to build that community that i built with my teachers and now mentors. i also believe that gateway helped me grow as a student and an individual and is continuously teaching me and helping me grow as a professional. i started at gateway dropping off teddy, because i used to
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baby sit and i ran into ms. we'der and in mccallum who offered me a job as a parent professional. i started teaching at gay way. gateway. i believe it's building bonds with students, alumna and family and i believe that gateway is going to be here for a very, very long time. it builds people like me, it helps students realize their identity and it helps families realize that they too are capable of everything that they have been pushed on for. thank you. [applause] >> good evening, everyone. is this too loud? i'm sad fuller and my daughter, meena, is a freshman at the high school.
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and has attended three years at gateway middle school. gateway has far exceeded my idea of what a positive and enriching school experience should be. we entered the middle school with an uncertainty of what kind of learning experience my daughter would have. and to what degree she would be challenged and supported as an individual learner. i understood gateway had a rigorous curriculum and they sum or thed differentiated instructions which were fundamental to me but how much of this would be actualized? my daughter started gateway as a committed student but she was also a challenged by an ok you lar motor disorder which is an eye disorder that limited her in many ways and as an independent learner. what began to unfold during her time at gateway was a girl who saw that not only can she work through her challenges but she can succeed past them. i observed how areas that she always struggled in like math and organization, she began to
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excel as a small classroom environment, positive and caring teacher interactions, advisory suppose sort, which was a daily basis in the middle school. positive and caring teacher interactions, advisory support and method of instruction and reflection for growth really ensured her ability to excel and helped her in becoming an honor student year after year. on occasion, when my daughter comes home and tells me that she sent her launch or after school with her math teacher, you know, for an over an hour and sometimes an hour and a half, i know this is standard practice that the teachers and staff are consistently available to suppose sort all the students. thank you. [applause]
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>> hello, everybody. my name is sandra allen and i am the director of counseling services at gateway high school. i'm a bay area native and proud alumni of howard university. before coming to gateway, i was in search of a school that allowed me to be myself, serve the community, and influence change. i am happy to say that i found all of those things and more. what drew me to gateway is the commitment to serving the whole child. gateway's teachers are dedicated to developing relationships with each student and supporting them with getting their needs met. our community demonstrates this with utilizing resources practices, tail order interventions and family engagement. i appreciate gate wait's dedication to consistently evaluating and approving support for students. when i entered the community, i noticed the need toen chance counseling services and gateway's staff and administrators were not only open to this idea but eager to support. over the past four years, our
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counseling team has grown from one to five. we have partnered with other community-based organizations like wellness together, boys and girl's club and the homeless children's network. all of these changes to our counseling program make mental healthcare easily assess able to students and families. gateway strives to support their teachers and connecting with students from varied and diverse background. across the country, many students of color continue to score below their white counterparts on standardized exams. gateway is saddened by the way racism and oppression has on students and family. we work to combat racism by discussing biases and privilege creating schoolwide goals address the achievement gaps and utilizing culturally responsive teaching practices. i continue to be impressed with gateway's awareness and dedication to creating an anti racist educational environment.
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it warms my heart. [applause] >> ok. do we have any comments or questions from the board? >> thank you. so, i just want -- i don't want to be the skunk at the picnic. i'm really, really glad that so many students feel well served at gay wa gateway and i am goino support the charter. they say gateway serves all students and it's inclusive of all students because i wasn't aware students with severe disabilities or attend gateway or our charter schools. is that not the case? do we have students with severe disabilities enrolled at any of
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our charter schools? >> not that i'm aware of? i can't say. >> i just have to point out that claim because often charters hold themselves up to say we serve all students and it's really great and i do genuinely think highly of gateway, again, i'm going to support the charter but i have to point that out that charters do not serve all students. that we manage schools do. i needed to correct that statement, thank you. >> any other questions? seeing none. roll call vote. [roll call]
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>> six ayes. [applause] >> gateway, if you have school tomorrow, now is a good time to go. you don't have to go. when you too go do go, mr. rogef you can help people move out quietly, that would be great. section g, special order of business. there's none tonight. section h, discussion of other educational issues. dr. matthews. >> this evening, the discussion of other educational issues is our annual report from the radio station kalw.
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presenting will be the general manager of kalw, tina amatwan. i'm pretty sure i pronounced that wrong. >> good evening, i'm the deputy super intent dent for strategic partnerships and communications. i just wanted do a brief introduction to tina and k.l.w. this is tina's first board meeting. >> can you pronounce her last name? >> -- [laughter] thank you.
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so, those of you who have been in the past with the annual report from k.l.w. may have heard from matt martin, the previous general manager. and so we're delighted to say that tina has been on board with k.l.w. since september and she's bringing a lot of great talent and fresh eyes to the work of the station. i just want to give you a little bit of context here. so, sfusd has a license for one of a very great community treasure. it's the first f.m. station west of the mississippi and it was an early national public radio a fill yacht an at and served ford service. sfusd operates the station and owns the license and klw serves
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as the whole bay area as a source of local and global news and information including broadcasting these board meetings as we speak. announcing the school lunch menu, announcing sfusd events and most importantly, amplify the voices of sfusd voices and other youth and as part of their independent news media, they do also report on sfusd issues and some of you may have been part of a panel recently called learning while black, which was organized by lee bromny. the station is housed at burten high school and they're an enter are prized unit of sfusd which means that other than enkind services and space, the station raises all of the cost of running the station and station on air 24/7. that funding primarily comes
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from membership and then secondarily from grants. so tina, has deep roots in both public media and education and she has worked in m. p.r. in editorial and production for morning editions, and mpr cultural desk. she founded extreme youth zone media, a training program for washington d.c. teenagers and served at a magazine covering asian neighborhoods in new york city. right before joining us here at klw she created and founded the audio journalism. she was there for 11 years. so i'm very happy to introduce her to talk about the work of the station. we also feel that her experience as an educator and public media producer will help to continue
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to grow k.l.w. as a great resource for our community. >> thank you for that very kind introduction. superintendent and members of the board, thank you for your attention. by the end of this talk, i hope at least a few of will you will be converted and enticed to be kalw listeners. the local programming and training activities. i'll explain briefly why we're at a critical point in the station's history and what it will take tone sure that we realize the station's full potential as a community resource focused on joyful, informative media that units nights people in our communities. i'm here tonight to stand by the very talented and hard-working people at the station. our staff. and i hope you will get to know them, what drives their passion and love for the station through my report tonight. i should warn you since you only hear from the station once a
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year i'm going to pack in a lot of information in this eight minutes. kalw is known for its independent, local media. we produce award-winning shows and pod casts including cross currents, our weekday news magazine and your call. our daily public affairs program. our list of great programming and honours is very long so i won't list everyone because i'm sure i'll forget someone. so instead, i'll just let you know that we picked up 15 awards last fault at the society of professional journalists nor cal awards. two went to reporters in our training program. the station is an educational and cultural resource. we believe that our work can also be an engine of social change. giving voice to communities and issues that are often overlooked. recently our reporter completed a series called "learning while
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black, the fight for equity in san francisco schools" lee set out to explore equities that have hammered african american students in this changing city. it showcased the resilience and power of black youth and their families. and the efforts of educators and community advocates to help them thrive. the reception from the community was to create a discussion forum that was very well attended by families and also school officials some people in this room. we are also known at kalw for our innovative local programming. you can hear this in our series, listeners ask a burning question about the bay area and we answer it for them on air. so here are a few examples. will bart damage my hearing? short answer, not really. but ear plugs and head phones are a good idea for peace of mind. why is oakland's flag green and gold? short answer. a guy designed it from san
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leanne dough. is high school really sinking? short answer, yes, it is. we have a strong educational mission. our audio a card may for adult leaners is a three nine-month training program. we have alums all over the industry now and our application for our seventh class of students closes this week. we also partner with the media academy in three sfusd high schools, burten, gala laio and lincoln where we work with teachers. there are about 30 students in each week-long workshop. the focus this year is on how media influences young people. students will write, report and edit their own essays and record them. some of the best will end up on air on kalw. we just finished an application to continue funding for our very important san quinton report.
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and these two projects professional reporters serve as teachers and work with incarcerated individuals to report stories inside the prison. i'd like to read from a letter i received a few months ago delivered by one of our producers, this is from the men in the class in solano. >> so i'll just read a an your worship. each oan -- weare ex tremly grae opportunity afforded us and the learning experiences we have garnered from eli, andrew, jess ache and hannah. and those people are all reporters in our newsroom and editors. so to me, this is just an extremely -- [ please stand by ]
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>> here are areas that we want to start developing. we will begin to look at tender it -- targeted underwriting to support it shows in training programs. we have a few nonprofits that underwrite some of our shows. we are also doing more outreach to major donors, people who already are very invested in the station, and know us well, and have an affinity for the station we are also researching foundations that align with our mission and offer operational support, not just restricted funding, which we have increased quite a bit in the last few years. finally, we are putting together a strategic development plan for
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fiscal year 2020, and since it is poetry month, i'm going to leave you with a poem from an america student, our announcer and host produced 40 poems by elementary school students recently, and this one is called "recipe for mischief bradley cupcakes." by isabel tam. >> begin with six cups of love, 3 gallons of cuteness, eight millimetres of mischief, bake for four minutes, let cool for two minutes, and add curiosity sprinkles. enjoy your mischief cupcake. warning, please read side
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effects, side effects may include craziness casts just, mischief, cute nicks just cuteness, headaches, and curiosity, may also -- eat with caution, people. [♪] >> hi, my name is isabel, and the title of my poem is a recipe for mischief bradley cupcakes, and i am from george must go any >> for national poetry month and america scores, have partnered to bring you the voices of young poets from san francisco public schools to learn more about these young people and the first poetry soccer programs, click on the radio poets link.
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>> you will hear poems from america scores students throughout april. we hope you enjoy listening. >> thank you. >> thank you for the presentation. do we have any comments from commissioners? okay. congrats on the new role. good night. section i, consent calendar items removed at previous meetings, there are none tonight section jay, introduction of proposals and assignments to committee. let's see, public comments on public and board comments and proposals. we did have -- i will announce
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this then read public comments. for first reading, board policies 5131. to, bullying, 5123, promotion and acceleration and retention. 0420, school side councils, 5125.1, release of directory information, and superintendent 's proposal 1949, authorization to grant or an alternative to deny the renewal for the life learning academy charter school and board members proposals 1941 a. one, redefining the roles, responsibilities and structure of the community advisory committee for the public education and enrichment funds, introduced by myself and vice
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president sanchez. we have two people that signed up for public comment, one was peter, and the other is dr. dillane. make your way to the podium, you have two minutes. >> okay. good evening, commissioners. my name is terry dillane, and i have been the executive director of life learning academy for 20 years, and i don't know a lot of the new commissioners, it would be really wonderful for you all to come and visit life learning academy where we have been basically having miracles, creating miracles for kids that no one else can reach, for 20
7:28 am
years, and our graduation rates mac, our attendance rate, the fact we have never had a fight in our school for 20 years, that we take every kid and surround them with everything that they need to have a life and to be successful. i am a graduate from delancey street foundation, so i have a feeling about what it is like to create a community for kids that don't feel safe where they live, five years ago, when it came to speak before this commission, i told everybody then that we have a vision to house some kids that don't have any place to live, and at that time, i said that it is going to be our goal to build a home on our property right behind our school for 24 kids. and that has been a reality,
7:29 am
that building is going to be completed by the end of this month, and kids that need to live there will lift there it for free, and as long as they need to, even after graduation, so i just wanted to thank you for allowing me to speak and invite you all. we have a fabulous lunch, a great chef that teaches our students how to cook, they are making me go away. okay. thank you very much. i hope to see you all. thank you. [applause] >> i hear a motion and a second on board policies. >> so moved. >> seconded. >> thank you. unless i hear otherwise from legal council, i am referring
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the policies to the rules committee. 194 s.p. want to the budget and curriculum committee, and 194981 to the budget and rules committee. section k., proposals for immediate action, there are none tonight. section l, board member's reports. we will hear a report from different committee chairs, from the ad hoc committee on personnel labour matters, in relations to affordability. commissioner collins? are you ready? are you ready? >> are you ready? are you ready? from budget -- >> from curriculum. >> from the ad hoc committee on
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curriculum. >> curriculum. >> mr. lopez? >> thank you. we had our april meeting yesterday, and we reviewed two items, report cards and diversity in the curriculum. concerning report cards, we're going over the history and what we have measured for the past ten years. we discussed ways to make it user friendly, particularly for students who are being measured by s., and trying to get some space where we can focus on narratives rather than this four , three, two, one, model that is very biased. we are seeking feedback from teachers, students, families, and administration, the people who are typically using these particularly around the time that they are submitting report cards, because we have a lot to say during that time of the school year. we are going to begin the process of including these changes in order to better share
7:32 am
information about how students are doing, and being thoughtful about the measures we are using to assess students in the school district. considering -- concerning diversity and curriculum, they shared what we have, what is lacking, what isn't being implemented, and how how to get out of this opt in style of doing things that is pretty prevalent in the district. ensuring that curriculum goes beyond textbooks and becomes the culture and the spirit that lives within schools, and expanding this work throughout the grade levels we serve and the departments in our district. there is more to come. >> okay. >> labor, really great conversation about diversity in our district in terms of
7:33 am
staffing at sites, and all the work that personnel is doing in terms of reaching out to diverse candidates, to make sure that there is a pipeline of diverse teachers are coming to our school is that better reflect our student community. what was interesting is it is not just just about identifying educators, but it is also about retaining them. we had a great conversation about some structures they are putting in place to create safe spaces for educators of color so that we can keep them in our schools, they maybe the one black teacher, so that is something we are very interested in, his ways to continue to support educators that we get to that are underrepresented, and make sure we are doing what we can to make schools welcoming spaces for them as well as the students and the families. >> commissioner norton, school
7:34 am
assignment? >> the student assignment met on march 18th. we did a brief overview of the results of the first round for school year 19-20 enrolment. we also got an overview of what staff's thinking is for the process of designing a new student assignment system that was called for in the resolution passed by the board in december. the feedback that we gave the staff was that they are contemplating quite a long timeline, so according to the preliminary timeline, we will not actually vote on a new start and do -- student assignment system until 2021, i believe. do you remember? i think it was february of 2021
7:35 am
or march of 2021, maybe it was later than that. the feedback we gave them was that's too long. i think we will have more discussion about that, we are going to receive an update at the next meeting on where we are with transportation, and what are the transportation services are. i think it will be interesting for newer commissioners because it changed a lot over the last decade. so that meeting will be this coming monday, the 15th of april at 6:00 p.m. it will be augmented and all members of the board and public are welcome. >> thank you. vice president sanchez? >> for the committee as a whole which met last tuesday, the superintendent gave us a presentation on pitch, and update an overview of the program, which is finishing up its first school year. it stands for professional capacity instructional guidance,
7:36 am
transforming mindsets, collaborative culture and high quality staff. if you would like to see the presentation, the committee as a whole and the meetings are online. you can find them online and go to board documents, and you will find it there. for rules, we had our usual updates from the advisors on bills that are making their way through the state legislature, and as i mentioned at the last meeting, there are a number of them that are dealing with charter schools and it has been a positive direction. they are following the brown act , that has made its way through the legislature. they have already signed it, and others that will allow more local control for charter schools and districts to control charter schools coming into their municipality. we had a presentation from our food advisory committee.
7:37 am
>> we have also met for the building grounds for march 25th , it is probably the greatest committee ever created. >> i know, i used to chair it. >> i can't believe how incredible this committee is. joke is done. we have a presentation and a discussion on the workflow for how work orders work with b. and g., and it was a riveting discussion. we also got an overview of all of the buildings that the district owns, and chief don will do a thorough update of that list, and i look forward to what comes back from that.
7:38 am
we got a review of the current state of the school kitchens and the full-service kitchens. for our last update, back to commissioner colin. >> we have a budget meeting on april 3rd. it was a great meeting in that we finally got some information around some specific budget allocations for the peace budget , as well as answers to some of the questions we have had around data on which students are being served by the programs that have been ongoing questions. we got -- that is all uploaded on board stocks, so i am working with staff to make sure that data is accessible for community members who are interested in knowing about arts programming and two is being served. additionally, we are holding a joint meeting with the peace community advisory committee tomorrow, and that is an open
7:39 am
meeting where we will be looking at the peace budgeting process, and they will be sharing information with us around -- and with each other with way is that they can enjoy process, and we'll be continuing to look at more data that is coming in around two is being served and how we are spending money. is $40 million in this portion and $80 million and figuring out how we are ensuring that as much dollars possible are reaching students directly. i encourage folks to go online to look at that new information, and/or come to the meeting tomorrow night. >> thank you. do we have any board delegates or report outs? none. any other reports by board members?
7:40 am
okay, i have a couple of things i wanted to mention. one was, last night, at the theater, there was an exclusive viewing of amazing grace by the document, a really incredible film, and it was a great reminder, for me, personally, the tradition of the black church and what it has meant to the community, so they met last night and it was a collection of a number of different corporate partners that are all committed to creating jobs for young people in san francisco. the mayor's opportunity to throw out his initiative -- throughout an initiative in a big way. that was a great event. also, a plug for mentors for success. today, my mentee beach me at battleship.
7:41 am
[laughter] >> i'm a little sore about it. i don't like to lose, but we are all winners if we are mentors. if you are interested in becoming a mentor, signed up for mentors with success. we have a calendar of upcoming meetings. for budget and business services , april 10th, we already know how important it is
7:42 am
and the joint committee is being transformed from the school district to also include the board of supervisors, in the first date for that meeting will be announced at a later date. section m., other informational items, there are none tonight, section m. m., memorial adornment, there is nothing tonight. section oh, closed session. the board will go into closed session unless i call a recess of the regular meeting.
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>> okay. , here we go. hi, everyone. thank you for being here. i'm london breed, mayor of the city and county of san francisco i'm so excited to be here today to kick off birth month in san francisco. [applause] >> we are joined by the owners of the new will. thank you so much for opening up this incredible place which has 100% renewable energy. how exciting is that? [applause]. >> they are a participant in our green business program. they are super green it customers customers, anyone can be a super green customer for
7:44 am
just a few more dollars a month. we are gathered here today because we know that climate change is real and one of the most pressing issues of our time it affects every person in every community all over the world. from the devastating forest fires throughout our estate to the historic flooding affecting our friends in the north, we know that climate change has real life and tragic consequences that will only get worse if we don't act. we know, unfortunately, we are not getting a lot of help these days to address issues around climate change from washington, d.c., which makes the work that we do locally and cities all over the world, even more important than ever. at last year's global climate action summit held right here in san francisco, i was proud to become the newest cochair of the sierra club mayor for 100% clean energy program. and at the summit, i doubled
7:45 am
down on san francisco's commitment to using 100% renewable energy by 2050. those are really bold commitments, but in san francisco, over the years, we have built up all of our talk with a lot of action, and in the city, we work to power our businesses and our homes with renewable energy through our clean power s.f. program. i was so happy and excited to lead to those efforts when i served on the board of supervisors, and now, seeing the incredible progress that this program has made as mayor. provides cleaner, greener electricity at competitive rates and starting this month, we will begin the largest and last major enrolment of our clean power s.f. program. by the end of the earth month which starts today, we will have enrolled over 250,000 new
7:46 am
customers. [cheers and applause] >> it will bring our grand total to 360,000 customers for our clean power s.f. program. [applause] some of those folks will be in our agreement programs which provide nearly 50% renewable energy, and other friends like here at the new will will choose to be model citizens by joining our super green program. thank you both so much. for just a few more dollars, as i said earlier, you can be a super green hero for the environment. [applause] when you combine all of these new residents and businesses being empowered by clean power s.f. with places like city hall, the airport, who already have 100% greenhouse gas, the city
7:47 am
will meet its 80% of the electricity demand in san francisco. that's 80% of the city receiving clean, renewable energy from a local motility -- utility with public oversight. how amazing is that? no just as important, we are taking the revenue from the clean power s.f. program and reinvesting it into our communities, meaning more renewable energy projects in our city, and more well-paying jobs for san franciscans. we are already seeing the real-life impact of clean power s.f. and the positive benefits that everyone can realize because of programs like clean power s.f., i'm proud to announce that san francisco has reduced its greenhouse gas emissions 36 below 1990 levels.
7:48 am
thirty 6%. [applause]. >> the most amazing part about that is we made a commitment to reduce it by 25%, and we have exceeded that. this reduction, i am losing my voice, excuse me. this reduction has exceeded -- [laughter] >> this reduction has exceeded expectations and it is happening even at the same time that the city's population has increased over 22%, and our economy has increased by at 160 6%. how amazing is that? you can be a global, incredible economically viable city and increase the population while still reducing greenhouse gas emissions. we have proven that you can do
7:49 am
that. now we have accomplished so much , but we are just getting started. today we are launching san francisco's inaugural month of climate action during able because taking care of our planet is not just about signing up for clean power s.f. and other great policies, it is also during the great work to take care of our environments. the san francisco department of the environment has put together a website and volunteer opportunities and programs that will be taking place throughout the month of april. you can visit us online, or just go and google it. san francisco department of environment. this website will make participating in earth month activities more accessible to the public and help everyone get involved in some capacity and get excited about doing
7:50 am
something about the environments let me tell you, it can be done. i have made a conscious effort to reduce the amount of trash by paying close attention to what i produce. i hardly empty anything in the black garbage can now because of composting, because of recycling , i mean, it is absolutely amazing what you can do when you make changes to how you get rid of waste. putting together a great earth month team has been a team effort, and i want to thank the leaders at the public utilities commission, and we know that some of our commissioners are here today, as well as i want to thank the department of environment for the work that they continue to do, and i also would like to thank the clean power s.f. director. thank you so much.
7:51 am
and our commissioner, francesca, and i think others who were former commissioners but has worked really hard on the lot of this work. and of course, those individuals , and now i would like to turn over at the podium. thank you so much. i hope i'm saying your name right. but the fact is, they doing some great work and i am sorry i am butchering your name, but this incredible place, the new will, we are so grateful for their commitment to the environment by leading by example. come on up and tell us a little bit about the amazing work that you are doing right here. [applause] >> thank you. my name is karen.
7:52 am
i am co-owner of the new wheel in san francisco and i wanted to first and foremost thank you for choosing to be here on this day. we are really, truly honored. and honored to be able to use this moment to tell you and to help share the vision for the way that we can take all of the thoughts about the importance of how we use our resources and the worries about our earth, and put them into action in ways that are really, really super meaningful. here at the new wheel, we are mission driven, but mission with lots of solutions, and that has been important to us the whole time. we know that electric bicycles change san francisco for san franciscans because they flatten this city. the city we know as a hilly place where you have to have a car to be able to get to school or go to work, or get to the gym that is no longer the case.
7:53 am
you can get yourself in your suit, leave the house from anywhere, and get to work in good style on an electric bike. best of all, commuting for two weeks, you will use the same amount of power as you would taking a ten minute hot shower. that means that when you sign up to be a super green customer, you are using that 100% renewable cleaner power and the cleanest way you possibly can to get from point a to point b and you will have a really good time doing it, so thank you for being here. we really are so optimistic about the future of san francisco and the future of our earth because we know that the choices that we make make a big difference. the decisions that we make make a big difference in our actions make a difference. thank you. i would like to introduce -- did i get your name wrong, too. [laughter] >> no worries. >> it is a trend.
7:54 am
>> hi there. [laughter] and my tradition, we are taught to respect and revere mother earth. we learned that water and earth are sacred, and we learned we must do whatever we can to reduce our impact on the earth. that is why i was enthusiastic when i heard about becoming a super green power of power s.f., a super green customer of clean power s.f. that's why i signed up my household before the major rollout. this is also why i'm proud to live in a city that leads the nation and providing renewable energy for customers. the policy choices that we make not only aligned with my values, it also -- they also help to address environmental injustices that have been created by our antiquated power system. san francisco's push for 100% renewable energy not only improves our environment but improves the health and quality
7:55 am
of life of residents in san francisco and i hope others take a step to do what they can to sign up, by upgrading to become super green customers of clean power s.f. to continue that downward trend of emissions that the mayor spoke about. thank you. [applause] >> all right. make sure you sign up for our super green program at your earliest convenience. thank you all so much for being here, thank you to our customers and those who are taking the extra step for being super green heroes for the environments. this is a few of the things that we are doing in san francisco. there's so much more work that we know needs to be done, not just in our city, but with cities all over the world. if we are going to make sure that we protect the environment, and our planet for generations to come, and it starts with s. thank you all so much for being here and for being heroes for the environment. [cheers and applause] better.
7:56 am
san francisco department of environment is a place where climate hits the street. we know that we don't have all the answers. we need to support our local champions, our local community to find creative solutions and innovations that help us get to
7:57 am
zero waste. >> zero waste is sending nothing to landfill or incineration, using reuse and recovery and prevention as ways to achieve zero waste. the grant program is a grant program specifically for nonprofits in san francisco to divert material from landfill. it's important to find the san francisco produce market because there's a lot of edible food that can be diverted and they need positions to capture that food and focus on food recovery. >> san francisco produce market is a resource that connects farmers and their produce with businesses in the bay area. i think it's a basic human right to have access to healthy foods, and all of this food here is available.
7:58 am
it's a matter of creating the infrastructure, creating jobs, and the system whereby none of this goes to waste. since the beginning of our program in july 2016 to date, we've donated over 1 million pounds of produce to our community partners, and that's resulted in over 900,000 meals to people in our community, which we're very proud of. >> carolyn at the san francisco produce market texts with old produce that's available. the produce is always excellent. we get things like broccoli, brussels sprouts, bell peppers. everything that we use is nice and fresh, so when our clients get it, they really enjoy it, and it's important to me to feel good about what i do, and working in programs such as this
7:59 am
really provides that for me. it's helping people. that's what it's really about, and i really enjoy that. >> the work at the produce market for me representing the intersection between environment and community, and when we are working at that intersection, when we are using our resources and our passion and our energy to heal the planet and feed the people, nothing gets better than
8:00 am
>> clerk: i'll do roll call. [roll call] >> clerk: agenda item number two, public comment on items appearing or not appearing on the